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I’m a new user and really liking Hook. I think the developers are already working on improving the Hook UI for easier access to linked items. One idea is what Alfred does, which is to automatically assign a command-# shortcut to the first items.

I personally would like to see a ‘fuzzy text search’ added to find items. Currently, a basic search does work, but I need to match the name of the item exactly, which can be slow/prone to error.

Thanks for the great work.


Welcome, @raghos .

yes, we are already tweaking the UI for that.

Yes, that’s come up and is quite likely to be implemented.

Currently you can use the first letter of the name , and then type it again to go to the next one with that letter. Hook also supports emacs style navigation ^N (nextline) and ^B (previous line).

Both of the above work not only for links but for commands.

We agree with this and it’s on the list. We’re open to recommendations / functional specs for exactly how this should work.

We are also working on other enhancements to the UI that we’re very excited about that are more unique to Hook itself, about which we’ll say more closer to their delivery :slight_smile:

Hi @LucB

Thanks for your feedback. Re: fuzzy search, the way Sublime Text implements search in the command palette is a good example, or MailMate when one wants to file an email (press ‘v’, start typing whatever part of the mailbox you remember, select among the subset that shows up, press enter).


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I’m missing something — where’s the search option in Hook?

Hi @stevelw

When you invoke the hook window, you can go to a particular linked item by typing their first characters. Not exactly a search I guess.

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Also, FYI, if you enable “Apply Hook Finder tags…” in Hook > Preferences > General, then a “Hook” Finder tag will be applied to each Hook-linked file when you link it/them (this does not operate retroactively. So you can use Spotlight to find them. (You can even create a .hook file that searches for all of them).

We intend to support random-access searching for other types of items besides files. We don’t intend to compete with search tools, but work with them. (The fact that Hook files can optionally be found with Spotlight is an example of that.) The philosophy of Hook is to be light-weight, to focus on its core “value add” (contextual information access), and to work well with existing tools.

one could in principle also find all files created via “Link to New”, and we will provide some support for that.

Hook also is compatible with HoudahSpot (you can link to searches and via its search results). HoudahSpot can also be used to find Hook-tagged files.

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I agree that not competing with other tools is a good thing. I’m mostly talking about accessing the already linked files in an effective manner from the Hook window.


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