From text hyperlinks to Finder without opening Apps

I did something which seemed very smart (at the time!):

  1. Hook-copied elements on the hard drive (saved emails, .xls, .ppt files)
  2. pasted the links as hyperlinks into the Notes app.

Of course, when I click on the hyperlink (i.e. “Presentation file”) it immediately opens the proper file (let’s say “Pres-bus-assoc-Feb-22.xls” in some obscure directory) in the registered app.

But for the life of me… I can’t find a way to simply show the file on Finder :frowning:

The Mail client won’t show any path to the saved message.
Neither Pages nor Numbers will show any path in their titlebar.
I can’t seem to find any way to tell Hook to just show me the file.

Any miraculous input on how to solve this, or any suggestion on how I should have set this up differently to get the desired result?

Hook is just… magical.
But I am still very very new to its intricacies! :slight_smile:
Thank you all!

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @Clayton . and thanks for asking

On the General Preferences Tab – Hook, you will find Reveal hook://file link targets in Finder (rather than opening them). That won’t work for emails, because emails are handled by the email app (and it’s not indexed by spotlight without a plugin – it would be a hack). But you should be able to see your regular files in Finder.

As a reminder to everyone, for a related case, i.e., Hook window, the Title and Link menus have Reveal File in Finder.

One can also copy any hook://file/ URL, do Focus on Link in Clipboard, and Reveal File in Finder.

Luc, thank you!
Selecting the Reveal hook://file link targets in Finder worked wonders.
While I feel pretty dumb (I was sure I had checked all the options, but perhaps panicking, had missed it… ouch! ) I feel super relieved at not having to re-do all the work :slight_smile:

I will search the help for your second suggestion:
One can also copy any hook://file/ URL, do Focus on Link in Clipboard , and Reveal File in Finder .
as it looks very useful, but did not understand what the “Focus on Link” part of the action is.

Again, thank you.

Here’s the link: Focus on Link in Clipboard – Hook.

The command’s currently tucked away in the Gear menu’s Advanced menu. It’s in the Gear menu because it’s not a context-sensitive command, meaning you can use it regardless what app / resource is in the foreground when you invoke Hook. We will promote it to the top level of the gear menu to make it easier to notice.