Formatting of links pasted in MindNode and elsewhere


Just getting my sea legs with Hook and trying to discern if there’s a way for me to change the way links are formatted within different apps. Examples below:

In an application like MindNode (left) they are formatted as full url and in TextEdit (right) copy links are formatted as the document title — see below:

Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 7.52.55 AM

I would like the links in MindNode to be formatted the same way they are in TextEdit. Is this a limitation of the app (MindNode) or is there something I am doing wrong?

I’d appreciate any help or insights.


I can’t remember where I read it – probably in this forum – so I can’t reference it: the link is copied to the Clipboard as rich text. The app pasting it decides what to take from it.

So, Mindnode in your case “prefers” the link over the text with the link.


That’s correct.

A work around is to use Copy Markdown Link instead of Copy Link. That will guarantee both the title and URL are carried over. Works with mind node. One could write a script that strips out the URL and just keeps the title.

Apple’s Messages app used to take the URL. In Big Sur, it only takes the title. So, using Copy Markdown Link is normally better for Messages.

Slack used to only take the title (not the URL); but now it can handle links properly.

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Thank you, I appreciate the help!

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Much appreciated and Hook has been a newfound joy! Many thanks to you and the CogSci team.

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Thanks @vmspinetti, and Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum !

By the way, I’ve just found that you can paste a link on an existing node in MindNode, which will cause the node to be created properly and linked.

  1. Copy Link in Hook
  2. select a node
  3. paste

You get a new linked node. Cool! So instead of pasting in a node, paste on a canvas or on a node.

And here’s something super cool, if a resource has many hooks, you can do:

  1. Copy All Links
  2. paste (on a node or canvas)

MindNode will create one node for each URL and link them. This makes me want to use MindNode more.

For those who want to engage about this on Twitter (or invite their network to discuss MindNode+Hook), I’ve tweeted a link to this topic


So nodes in MindNode handle Markdown well. Great!

Parenthetically, they also work in iThoughts though the UI seems to want to convert them to their indirected form (which I can’t abide).

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@LucB what a fantastic discovery! I got to experiment with it last night and the technique you point out below works exactly as I desired. The “Copy All Links” is also a game changer for my MindNode workflow.

Many thanks and glad to be a part of the forum and learning something everyday!


and thanks to you all too. It was delightful to find this works. I’m on a mission to exercise my visual brain more. (On a related note, my spouse bought me some geometry exercise workbooks for xmas! And I participate in a research project on visual/spatial mathematical consciousness led by Professor Aaron Sloman of the University of Birmingham UK (my alma matter), who is winner of the 2020 Winner of the 2020 APA K. Jon Barwise Prize (philosophy and computing). It’s a truly fascinating project. In fact, Sloman is giving his address/presentation today or tomorrow. (hopefully it will be freely available to the public online-- well, I imagine Sloman will share it on youtube. He’s still one of the most prolific AI researchers despite being in his 80s – and continuing to make new discoveries). But I digress. The main point is that it’s important for Hook’s cognitive productivity mission to support all types of visual apps.)

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I can recommend visual puzzles such as Train Tracks - though, like “brain training”, it’s probably not actually effective.

I, too, would like to exercise the visual side of my brain. I thought forcing myself to do a diagram every day would work. I found that to be an impossible goal. I’m better off continuing to build tools that generate visuals.

(But, as usual, I digress.) :frowning: :slight_smile:

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This is a very useful discovery! Thanks!

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I really regret that I found this this discussion so late! This solves my problem with Scapple app ( and I might try again Mindnode)

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Just confirming that this has solved a long-standing problem for me in terms of integrating Scapple with other apps. Hooray hurrah!

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