Forklift Markdown Link not working?

I am using Hookmark 5.0.2 and when I hook a file in Forklift to something else - the hook works.

But when I request a Markdown link for a file in Forklift, I get back:
“hook://application/com.binarynights.ForkLift-3” which takes me TO Forklift but not to the specific file.

I had a quick try and Forklift still works. The code for hooking and copying links is the same, so it would be surprising for there to be a difference. Is it possible there was a slight difference in how you did the two?


When I invoke Hookmark and press the shortcut key CMD-M, I get the link that is incorrect that doesn’t work.

But when I invoke Hookmark and use the dropdown menu and manually choose “Copy as Markdown Link” - that works and I get the full URL as expected.


I tried the keystroke CMD-M with other apps and it works (e.g. Drafts and Omnifocus.)

I’m using ForkLift Version: 3.5.8 (220) from Setapp. What about you?

I am using the same version number, but I have the stand-alone, not the Setapp version.

Forklift is not fully URL friendly, so integration with it is UI-scripted, which can introduce issues.

If you have a pro version of Hookmark, you can try increasing the delay in the Forklift script

delay 0.3
        click menu item "Copy Path to Clipboard" of menu 1 of menu bar item "File" of menu bar 1
        delay 0.3

does that help?

It would be worth contacting the developer also about providing proper automation for linking. AppleScript is ideal : easy to implement and very reliable.

Thanks for trying. Increasing the delay did not help.

I’ll contact the developer when I get a minute.

Thanks again.