[fixed] Problems with deep linking to QuickTime player

I’m excited about Hook being able to deep link to QuickTime player, but it doesn’t seem to work in macOS12 Monterey.After creating a deep link, I don’t get any response when I click on the link.I seem to have encountered the same problem as PDF Penpro before.Deep linking PDF lost work in Monterey12.01

Can you test to see if it’s malfunctioning?Thanks! :heart:

Sorry for the trouble.

I tested it on Monterey 12.1, and it seems to be working fine.

What’s your Hook version and script version? You can find it in Hook’s about window.

Also, could you post a deep link of Quicktime Player?

Thank you for your reply!

My Hook version is 3.3.2 (4565:Integration v.188)

Deep link:
[How to see linked concepts for current element in SuperMemo.mp4](hook://file/6C78FK3KG?p=eXVhbmppYWhhby9Eb3dubG9hZHM=&n=How%20to%20see%20linked%20concepts%20for%20current%20element%20in%20SuperMemo%2Emp4#t=39.652355555556)

File link:
[How to see linked concepts for current element in SuperMemo.mp4](hook://file/6C78FK3KG?p=eXVhbmppYWhhby9Eb3dubG9hZHM=&n=How%20to%20see%20linked%20concepts%20for%20current%20element%20in%20SuperMemo%2Emp4)

My situation is as follows:
file link: opens the video normally
Deep link: Neither opens the video, nor locates it to the specified location, but simply calls out QuickTime Player.

(As shown in the image: When I clicked on the deep link, the menu bar showed that QuickTime Player was called out, but no content was displayed.)

Did I make a mistake somewhere?Thanks again for your help! :heart:

Thank you very much for the detailed information! That’s very helpful.

The fix is on our script server now. The version number is 189.

Please go to Hook Preferences window → Update, click on Check now button and make sure you get script 189 version.

Please let us know if that works for you.

Thank you

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Everything is fine now! Thank you for acting so quickly. :+1:

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Hi everyone!
I’m also very happy for this new integration, until now I had to use DEvonThink for deep linking video .

Unfortunately I’m not able to make this function work properly with Hook, maybe I’m missing something.
MacOS version = 12.0.1 (21A559)
Hook version = 3.3.2 (4565; Integration v. 189)

File link = it opens the file and resume the frame when QuickTime were closed.
Deep link = it always opens the video at time stamp 00:00

It seems the time stamp in deep link is ignored.

File link:
[23.16 DEVONthink and Third-party Apps.mov] (hook://file/6HoFTzi1I?p=TWFjU3Bhcmt5IEZpZWxkIEd1aWRlcy9NYWNTcGFya3kgLSBEZXZvblRoaW5rIEZpZWxkIEd1aWRl&n=23%2E16%20DEVONthink%20and%20Third%2Dparty%20Apps%2Emov)

Deep link:
[23.16 DEVONthink and Third-party Apps.mov] (hook://file/6HoFTzi1I?p=TWFjU3Bhcmt5IEZpZWxkIEd1aWRlcy9NYWNTcGFya3kgLSBEZXZvblRoaW5rIEZpZWxkIEd1aWRl&n=23%2E16%20DEVONthink%20and%20Third%2Dparty%20Apps%2Emov#t=665,458333333333)

I don’t know if it could be useful, here is an example of a working DevonThink deep link:

Thanks for your support

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @Chris . and thanks for asking. Could you please try rebooting Hook and retrying this, in case integration v189 didn’t take hold?

The time stamp in the deep link does not look right:

It contains “,” instead of “.”.

Does Hook always have timestamp like this when you do copy link in QuickTime Player? Could you please post another deep link?

It looks to me like there is a localization issue. In Europe, decimals are expressed with commas. The solution is for Hook to use periods regardless of locale. Also, we have an internal bug report not to have so much precision. One decimal point is enough.

Thank you for reporting this problem.

We have updated our script server with the fix for this problem. Please go to Hook preference window → Update, click on “Check Now” button to update the script(Version 190).

Let’s know if there is any problem.

Thank you

Now it works with script version 190.

Thanks for your support!