[FIXED] Hook window closes when accessed from menubar item

MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010) 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 OS X 10.11.13 4GB RAM – The Hook “productivity window” (yuk! horrible name IMHO) doesn’t open properly when accessed by clicking the Hook logo in the Menubar window. It appears only very briefly then goes away, leaving no trace. The full window appears only via the keyboard shortcut.

Per other thread, Hook supports 10.12.6 and newer whereas you have 10.11.*. that likely explains the issue.

by the way, I configured the DMG to require 10.11 (using DropDMG) which I thought would prevent users with 10.11 from opening it. (But then they can open it with a 10.12 system and copy it to a 10.11 system.)

Yes, we struggled with the name. It’s “Hook window” or “Hook productivity window” for short. The former doesn’t quite deal with the fact that there is another Hook window, namely the Preferences window. We’re still in beta and open to suggestions for naming it (and do have other candidates).

Based on your macOS version, I think this report should be marked “[invalid]”

Oops! I should have written OS X 10.13.6. Don’t know how 10.11.13 crept in there… was there ever such a beast?

Hook Link Widow?

This is a Firefox issue, right?

We’ve just released Hook Version 1.0-beta (2115). Hopefully that fixes the issue. It may be necessary to update your scripts if you’ve overridden support for Firefox.

If not, I will see what is going on.

( 2019-03-08 11-18 AM: I corrected the build number above. It’s 2115 not 2155. )