[FIXED] Hook not updating script bundle despite saying it has?

In the course of tinkering with Hook over an issue with Drafts, I reinstalled Hook on my machine and found something weirdish about the script bundle.

Before uninstalling, Hook was telling me it was up to date (build 2552) and the script bundle was also up to date (61).
I had my doubts, because @LucB had just announced that Quiver was available in 61, yet I didn’t see it.

Lo and behold, after uninstalling and reinstalling the (purportedly) same version 2552 + bundle 61, I now have many many more apps available (including Quiver).

So I believe there may be an issue where Hook thinks it’s installed the latest bundle yet hasn’t

(Also, didn’t solve my Drafts issue, but Yeah, I have Quiver OOTB!)

Before you reinstalled might you have had ticked the box to only show installed apps/custom scripts?

Good call, but no.
Quiver, e.g., was already installed on my machine yet didn’t appear…

I checked for updates. There were none. I uninstalled Hook by deleting the app, rebooted, and downloaded the app from the Hook website, then installed it. It says it is version 61 but there is no Quiver script. I have not disabled anything.

The Hook versioning is very confusing. Version 1, version 61, build 2552 – too many indicators.

Anyway, none of these is the one with Quiver, apparently.

@LucB looks like the script server may have an issue?

and I also wonder about some kind of cacheing issue in the installation of anything fetched from the server.

I now suddenly do see Quiver and some other additions.


  • because of log out and log back in ?
  • because of something triggered by a modification I made to a graphics file in the Application resources bundle ?
  • something else ?

The latest script update, which included quiver, should have been v62.

The issue is that an update was released on Friday, with NotePlan integration, as v61. And another update was released on Sunday, with Quiver integration, also as v61.

Because the second update had the same version number, Hook thought it was up to date if it had the Friday version.

The version has been incremented to 62 now, which should resolve the issue.


The version info displayed in the Preferences > Scripts pane will be improved in Hook version 1.1, coming soon, which will also include a welcome board that didn’t quite make it into 1.0.