[FIXED] Hook 2.0's "Energy Impact" (and CPU usage)


I regularly check which applications are energy/battery hogs on my 2017 MBP. After I installed Hook 2.0 (I’m on 2.0.2) CPU usage while Hook is idle is about 8%, and the “Average Energy Impact” is on par with Dropbox. I have a “pro” dropbox account so I’m not surprised to see Dropbox up there, but the new Hook seems to be fairly power hungry… is this expected?

Really like the new UI though.


A performance update is in the works. See:

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Thank you all, great to hear this issue is being addressed.

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yep we fixed the problem on the week-end. We’re including some other fixes and will release ASAP. (I’ve updated the title of the topic to also include “CPU” usage.)


I can confirm 2.0.3 fixed this. thanks!