[FIXED] Dragging Bear notes into the Hook tray

Dragging Bear notes into the Hook tray produces a notification that links have been created, but I can’t seem to find any actual links.

Not sure if this functionality is supposed to be there, or not. I thought I would try linking some Bear notes together with the handy drag-and-drop method. The supposedly created links don’t show up in the Hook window, if anywhere at all.

However, when I use the “Link to Copied Address Method” it works just fine.

Is this unexpected at all?

Thanks for reporting this issue, which is a bug. The URI of bear links created via Hook’s menu bar icon point to /private/var/ , which is not helpful. Links created using the Hook window use bear:// address scheme, as they should.

We will address the issue. Meanwhile, using the Hook window for links to Bear content is the way to go.

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Sorry for delay, this was actually fixed just after the issue was raised. If the dragged item is not supported, there will be a notification. Otherwise, the link will be created.

I am Marking as fixed (and have moved this to the Bug Reports category).

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