Finding a URL in Hook

I was reminded in a previous topic (Working with several link meshes concurrently? - Discussion & Help - Hook Productivity Forum) that it’s good to share information about Hook here in the Showcases and Use Cases category.

So here’s a use case

A moment ago, I responded to a user with a link. I was able to get that link in 2s (following the “2s rule” of Cognitive Productivity books).

I pasted it in here 4 second delay every time I open Hook window - Discussion & Help - Hook Productivity Forum

I got that URL above by invoking Hook and searching for “sample”. I could have constrained the search like this: https sample hook* or various other ways. See

hook as bookmark manager

Hook is in fact a general purpose , universal bookmark manager, meaning it hosts bookmarks to all kinds of information regardless of the protocol scheme. E.g., you can search for your DEVONthink, hook://email/, OmniFocus, Curio, nvALT, nvUltra, obsidian, drafts and other URLs you’ve copied using Hook.

Please note that copying a link is a great signal of information relevance. So Hook accumulates a very handy collection of bookmarks. And your bookmarks are private, they are not sent to CogSci Apps server. You can share them with yourself in iCloud. (soon available in our iPhone, iPad product).