File Link Pasting Issue with Craft

Hi! I’m brand new to Hook and I’m hoping someone can help with a problem I’m having linking files & saved documents from my drive to Craft. Whenever I paste the link in a Craft note, it comes out as the long string of file location information, but it is not clickable. I’ve tried websites and they come out fine and I’ve pasted to emails and other documents, also fine. Just wondering if I’m doing something wrong with Craft. Thanks! I’m sure this has been asked before, but I couldn’t find it.

Thank you!

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @NPOGuy . I’ve tested again with Craft and the links work fine in my case. I know we have a lot of Craft users so hopefully someone will have an answer. Hook links follow URL encoding rules so they should work like any other URL. Are you having problems with other app-specific links (e.g., Things, OmniFocus, DEVONthink) pasted in Craft?

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Thank you for replying! No, everything else is pasting correctly and, so far, anything other than URL links to my files seems to pasting correctly from Hook. I’m sure it’s something I’m doing because I can’t find anything similar when I run searches on the issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated by the group!

I am having the same problem. I even reinstalled Hook (Pro) and rebooted my MacBookPro. If I “Hook to New” in Craft, I indeed get a new document in Craft whose title is the name of the original item being linked, and whose first line is an active link back to the original item. To clarify, the address of the link is embedded in the name of the link (hidden), and the name of the link is blue and underlined, indicating an active link. Works great.

However, I rarely need to create new documents in Craft from hooked items. My main use is to append items to preexisting documents in Craft. For this I use the “Share” menu in Hook, selecting Craft as the app. Hook then lets me select the Craft document to append to. However it appends the name of the linked item, and then below the name, it pastes the address of the linked item. It is not a live link. In order to make it live, I have to cut the link’s address and manually paste it as a link associated with the name of the item.

How can I get the functionality of the "link to new craft’ in the “share to craft” option?

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I just did a test. I copy an email from Airmail with hook markdown link

I then create a page on Craft and paste the link on the page. I click the link and it brings up the very same email


Thank you. I must be doing something wrong because I just did a test from Spark mail and I get URL that I can’t click on. I’m really sorry to be wasting everyone’s time, but I love this community’s responsiveness!

Thank you thirstylizard, but your method requires manually copying the link from Hook, opening Craft, finding the document you want to append to, then copying the link. I am attempting to avoid all of that by using the Share menu that appears in Hook when I invoke Hook on an email message in Spark (or in Apple Mail – the outcome is the same with either). When I invoke Hook in Mail, I open the Hook menu (see screenshot). I select Share, then Craft. A screen pops up asking which note and which space in Craft I want to append to. It then pastes the text of the link below the name of the link, in the appropriate Craft document. I never have to leave my mail app. I can do the same with Save to New in Craft, which also allows me to remain in my Mail app. However, the type of link that is created in Craft is entirely different. Only Save to New creates a clickable link.

This is the popup that lets me select the note in Craft after selecting Share > Craft:

You can see it is just text.

I tried a few of the other apps in my Share menu shown above. With Things, Notes, and DayOne, the functionality works as expected. I can hook an email from Spark to those apps without ever leaving Spark, and when I later go into those apps, I have live links back to the original email in Spark. There must be something in the scripts for Craft that could be tweaked to get the links to work via Hook’s Share pathway, just like they do in Hook to New. I am not a script writer, so I am hoping someone can figure it out. Thanks.

I’m still really struggling with this issue. Anyone out there got any idea how to get live links from either Spark Mail or Apple Mail into Crafts without having to leave the mail app? I am confident it is possible, as it does work for other apps, as I described above. Is there a different place I should be posting this question?

Sorry for the delay in responding to this one. I’ve tried various tests but in my case, I can’t even get sharing from Safari to Craft (without Hook in the process) to work properly. I’m using a free version of Craft but I didn’t see anything in Crafts docs to suggest Sharing was a premium feature. (Is it?)

When I read the original note I thought perhaps there was an x-callback-url issue. So I tested with Agenda which is also a x-callback-url app. Here I get a link of the form [File Link Pasting Issue with Craft - Discussion & Help - Hook Productivity Forum.txt hook://file/HBTaDJPWN?p=Tm90ZXMvMjAyMg==&n=%5BFile%20Link%20Pasting%20Issue%20with%20Craft%20%2D%20Discussion%20%26%20Help%20%2D%20Hook%20Productivity%20Forum%2Etxt. That’s not the best form, but at least the hook://file/ URL is clickable. x-callback-url may have nothing to do with it however.

Hook itself is not doing anything different with any of the apps… my guess is that the receiving app exercises its liberty in interpreting the shared content. We’ll revisit after our sharing dev returns from vacation.

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So this is strange. As a reminder, my issue was an inability to correctly “hook” a file on my MacBook to Craft. When I would copy the link and then paste, I just got the long URL code, but could not click on it or access the file. I just tried it again and it’s now working correctly. I also tested Safari using the Share Sheet and Hook and both worked as expected.

in my experience, you can

  • select a file from Finder,
  • invoke Hook
  • Copy Link or Copy Markdown Link
  • go to a Craft doc
  • paste

That works fine. You can also do Hook to Copied Link. For the latter (hooking items together per se, not merely pasting a link in a Craft doc) , per page:

Requires macOS 11 (Big Sur), works on open docs. See also Using Hook with the Craft Mac Writing App – Hook.

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I think I have figured this out, the problem not the smooth solution,with apple mail. When you copy link on the mail message the title(bookmark) is brought in and when shared with Craft it places the bookmark before the hook file.Watching: The Best Things to Stream

A proper link is created in Craft thru the share sheet but you have to edit out the title portion.