Feature Request for Hookmark: Enhanced Markdown Links

Hi Hookmark Team,

I’ve been enjoying using Hookmark and find it greatly enhances my note-taking efficiency. I do, however, have a feature request I hope you might consider.

When copying markdown links of a PDF, they are currently formatted as [xxx.pdf](hook://xx). I was wondering if there could be an option to copy these as [<selected text in pdf>](hook://xx)? While I understand there’s a “copy selection and link” option, it doesn’t seem to place the selected text within the text brackets.

Having the selected text as the hyperlink would improve note-taking efficiency even more, as it would allow users to understand the context of the hook link, rather than just seeing a file name.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.

Best regards,

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Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @ikaroshu .

they are formatted as [file-name](<URL>). So for your xxx.pdf, are you referring to the URL part?

I can see the value of that option too.

Ah the forum uses markdown syntax as well so it formatted parts of my texts. What I mean is that instead of the current formatting of [xxx.pdf](hook://xx) , it would be more helpful to have it formatted as [<selected text>](hook://xx) . This way, the context of the link is clearer.

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