Feature/Improvements for Hook To

Among other things, I am currently using Hookmark 5.0 Pro as a “super-tagger,” as Mac OS tags do not scale well as the number needed increases. They’re also unreliable across cloud services like DropBox, and even (unbelievably) iCloud. So…this involves using Hook to New to create text docs I call “Tag Sheets” in the Notes folder…giving them descriptive names like “Music-Related Tag Sheet” and "URLs to Explore Further, etc.)…and just linking documents to these sheets. I also Pin my most-used Tag Sheets for instant reference.

Problem #1 – Hook to New defaults to the name of the focus item…and there seems to be no easy way to change this. If I change the name in Text Edit, I just get two files. If I rename it in the Finder, the Hook doesn’t seem to follow. In fact, I get strange behavior, either with broken links or names that don’t change – even if I also use “Rename in Hookmark.”

What’s the right workflow for this? I need the name of the Tag Sheet to be the same in the Finder, in the Focus window, and in the Hooked list. The simplest way seems pretty clunky: creating the Tag Sheet outside of Hookmark and then Hooking to that…avoiding Hook to New altogether.

Problem (Request) #2 - Can we have a Hook to Pinned contextual menu command – or even a button? This would greatly facilitate any one-to-many or many-to-one Hooking applications.

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Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @Skeuo108 . Thanks for your use case and questions. And great way to transcend the limitations of Finder’s tagging.

There is a second form of Hook to New , which has an ellipsis: Hook to New As...:

By holding down the option key while the Action menu is exposed, you will see the Hook to New As... command. This “…As” command lets you choose where the new item will be stored, and how to name the new item.

You’ll notice some other advanced command when you hold down the option key while the Action menu is exposed.

Does that help?

I’m not sure what you mean by this. At what point do you change the name?

If I rename it in the Finder, the Hook doesn’t seem to follow.

Some apps in some circumstances will create a new file when you rename them while they are open. That can give the appearance of a broken hook, but the hook on one side points to a different file from what’s open. TaskPaper is an example. To avoid that, you can close the file before renaming it, then rename it.

There may be several pinned items. Hookmark would need to know which item you want to hook the copied link to. You can select a pinned item, and hook it to the copied link. Does that not do the job?

Or are you asking for a command to hook the title item to the currently selected pinned item?

You can also informally tag items with naming conventions in Hookmark, e.g., adding #tagName to the title (using the Rename in Hookmark). Does that help?