Fast track to creating a mesh or series of hub to spoke hooks via a text file containing a list of Hook links

hello Luc,

I am new to Hook, enjoying it greatly, and have already written a few keyboard maestro macros to speed up the process of creating hooks.

Based on comments in various forums, it seems that part of your user base (including me) is a bit impatient with all the steps necessary to hook different items.

Have you ever considered allowing users to create a text file in which the user would simply paste multiple links (created with Hook), and from that text file Hook would generated the mesh.

thank you for considering my suggestion.

Yes, we have an internal project regarding this, partly in response to feature requests.

I’ve proposed internally to expand the .hook file schema to allow multiple URLs or Markdown links to be included. It could act as a project file. This will make the bookmarking aspect more obvious. Those who have used BBEdit or related tools may be familiar with such project UIs, though they deal with only files, whereas Hook is universal in scope.

These files could both be edited via a text editor and Hook would here begin to not only be a background app but have its own regular app windows, one per Hook project file, which can optionally float. Users could drag and drop URLs in there.

There’s quite a lot of related functionality in the pipeline, some of which is in 2.0. We’re balancing competing user-requests, and stuff in the product road map that has not yet come up on the forum.

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thank you Luc.

I use BBEdit. Which BBEdit tool are you referring to ?

their .bbprojectd files. I find them super handy. If the currently open file is in a bbprojectd file, then Hook could (based on preferences) show the project and/or project member files as related.

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merci Luc. I will have a look.