Exporting Apple notes with Hookmark’s to Devonthink


I’ve been using Apple Notes to start to build an academic research and wrong project for about two months. The Notes include Hookmarks to locally stored annotated documents which are being annotated and revised on an ongoing basis.

I am moving all of my resources to Devon think and I wonder if there is a way to export Apple notes to Devon think without breaking the bookmarks.

Let me know if anyone has any helpful experience or advice. I did a trail run this morning, and none of the notes that we imported had workable bookmarks.

Interesting challenge. OTOMH: As you are creating DEVONthink items, if you can

a) get the note’s date-time in same format as Hookmark uses in its creation of the hook://notes/dt ID
b) store that in the new DEVONthink item
c) tag all the new DEVONthink items as “new” or something

for each new DEVONthink item find the corresponding hookmark, get its hooked items, and hook them to the new DEVONthink item.

in hook://notes/dt, “dt” stands for date-time, not DEVONthink of course.

I would probably brute force it with Keyboard Maestro. Id map out the exact keyboard combinations required to

  • Open hookmark on the apple note
  • Go to the hooked document
  • Copy the hook
  • Go back to Apple Notes
  • Export it to DT
  • Go to the new note in DT
  • Open Hookmark and paste the document’s link
  • Go back to the next Apple note

I’d then save that macro and run it on repeat. These things are trial and error with KM but you can usually figure it out in the end.

Sometimes in Keyboard Maestro you need to put “built in” pauses in. There is a wait or pause command in KM for this purpose.

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