Example of sharing a .hook link to a file: One in Big Sur images zip. Bring on your use cases/examples

I’ve noticed there is not enough talk yet about the usefulness of .hook file links for sharing. Here’s an example:

Download the zip file there Apple introduces macOS Big Sur with a beautiful new design - Apple
(clicking on Apple’s Download all images link). Once the file is downloaded and opened, you can use this link to get to one of the files : hook://file/mAxztCVL1?p=RG93bmxvYWRzL0ltYWdlc19vZl9tYWNPUy1CaWdTdXI=&n=apple_macos-bigsur_safari_privacyreport_06222020.jpg

Well, Discourse neutralizes local links, but if I were to share that link with you in Messages , email , etc. , it would reveal or open the file, depending on your settings .

I.e., you can share links to files you share with someone in Dropbox , Git, SVN, etc. Hook will use information encoded in the file link to heuristically find the target , or show multiple search results.

Please feel free to share your use cases here , on Twitter or elsewhere. Let’s get people sharing hook:// links to files, emails and more. hook:// links can be used with Hook Lite, which is free. So your recipients don’t need to buy Hook to use them. Moreover, users can create hook://email links with Hook Lite. Great way for your colleagues, friends and family to get into Hook.

Sure beats struggling to tell your colleagues where the file is buried, or pasting an entire email when you can just send them an email link!

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