Every time I update Hook, the links in obsidian note are missing

But i can still find the link in Hook’s search

Have you switched Hook’s URL scheme for Obsidian? If so please see “Can I switch integration schemes later?”. In sum, if you switch the scheme then the prior hooks will no longer be visible from the context window, but can be found in search.

I didn’t switched Hook’s URL scheme and I’ve tried every scheme and can’t see the prior hooks

could you please

  1. using Hook’s search , find a note that is supposed to have a hook.
  2. Copy Markdown Link
  3. Paste it here ( or in a PM)
  4. Find the note in Obsidian and invoke Hook on it (i.e., use Hook to focus on that Obsidian note.)
  5. Copy Markdown Link
  6. paste that here ( or in a PM).

If they are different, that would explain the result. We’ll take it from there.

markdown link from Hook’s search: [TDW](obsidian://open?vault=Obsidian&file=PKM%2FTDW)
markdown link from note: [TDW](obsidian://open?vault=Obsidian&file=PKM%2FTDW)
they are the same.