Evernote 10- "Hook to New..."

I pasted in the Get Address script from the forum posted April 2022 for Evernote 10. When I click on “Hook to New…” in a Safari page, and see the list of apps to hook to, Evernote does show up. But when I double click on it, nothing happens (unlike others, such as Craft, that work fine). Is there a way to enable bi-directional hooking with current Evernote?

unfortunately, per

  • :thinking: With Evernote 10, Hookmark uses UI scripting because Evernote 10 lacks linking automation. English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese. Hook to New is not available due to its lack of automation.

To modify the Hook to New function, one would need to update the “New Item” script in Hookmark’s Scripts Editor. Until Evernote adds the automation, creating items locally won’t be possible unfortunately.

Thanks Luc… but it seems a bit more complex… I just tried doing “Control-H” IN an Evernote note, and WAS able to “Hook to new…” MS Word Document. The document was created in Word, and I was then able to Control-H, SEE the Evernote link and go back to it (and from Evernote, go back to Word doc)… so at least with these 2 (EN and Word), bi-directional seems to work. But not with Safari… (which is more what I’d like to do).