Error message "errorCode-404"

In trying to link notes to agenda, I have receive the message “errorCode-404”
Could you help me?

Welcome to Hookmark forum, @MBA00 .
Please select a project to which you would like to add the new note first. Agenda needs a specified project to add the new note.

Thank you

Many thanks for this, but I can’t see where I should add the project. Using Obsidian, the note goes to the root directory; with Agenda, there is no room to especify a path.

Thank you, it worked (even though I don’t know how).

The hyperlink generated at Agenda does not work.

Sorry about the issue.

Could you please let us know your Hookmark version and script version? You can find it in Hookmark about window.

Also could you please copy the url and paste it here? A test file’s url is good enough.

Thank you

Version 6.0.1(5788; integration v.300)

Thank you, you have the latest script.

Could you please copy the url that has problem and paste it here? Could you please try to link from other files and see if the links in Agenda notes are ok?

Thank you

An example of URL (sent in the last email) is:

It does not work with other files, like this docx

URLs in agenda are working well, it seems. For example, I have used “copy links” of Hookmark and paste in Agenda. Doing this, the links works.


Sorry about the issue.

Please go to Hookmark preferences window ->Update->“Check now” to update Hookmark Script, the latest version is 301.

You might need restart Hookmark.

Thank you

It worked, thank you!