Error code 8827L-11

what does this code mean?
hook still seems to work ,but it kept showing this code when I clicked on a Acrobat reader deep link
截屏2021-11-26 12.42.47

And I have tested both Acrobat reader and Acrobat reader pro , same error code

Sorry for the trouble.

This window will appear when it takes more than 5 secs for Hook to get the document’s url and title.

Is this true in your case?

Initial thought is that it normally would not take this long. If it takes so long, something might go wrong and this will provide a method for the user to quit Hook. Since Hook can only be a background process before 3.3, and some people find it hard to kill Hook process.

We will reconsider this issue.

Thank you

it’s just weird because if I click “continue” ,the PDF will still scroll to the position according to the deep link.
but just as you mentioned , every time I click on a deep link I need to wait 5 seconds for this prompt window to show up … :face_with_head_bandage:

I am recieving the same error code for linking to a file in finder (Hook version 3.3.2)!Screenshot of Finder (30-11-21, 8-16-56 am)
It also accesses the file despite the warning.

Which PDF App are you using?Acrobat reader?

thank you. It looks like every time, Adobe is taking a while to respond to the request.

We’ve got an action item on our side to improve how Hook handles this kind of situation.