Epichrome (Single Site Browser) compatibility


i am using a few SSB-“Apps” created with Epichrome (using the Brave browser engine). Hook does not seem to work with these Apps, is there a workaround?


OK, i found the solution.

When adding the Epichrome SSB to Hook, make sure you select the actual Application (located in /Applications/Epichrome/EpichromeEngines.noindex/FE/GoogleDocs/GoogleDocs.app ), not the one in /Applications/GoogleDocs.

Then, you can use Get Adress:
tell application id "org.epichrome.eng.GoogleDocs" to return URL of active tab of front window and Get Name: tell application id "org.epichrome.eng.GoogleDocs" to return title of active tab of front window

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @floflo . And thanks for sharing that info. I wasn’t aware of Epichrome before. Good to know!

Sorry to say my workaround is broken on epichrome 2.4.1

Hi Floflo

Were you able to fix the workaround for the latest epichrome? I also use epichrome for Roam, etc… Seems like it’s the only single site browser I know of that isn’t Electron and supports Chrome extensions

Hi LucB

Any chance you can look into this? It would be a nice integration to have and since Hook works with Brave and Chrome and Vivaldi, shouldn’t this “nativefier” app–which is Brave under the hood–work with Hook?


nevermind… got it to work :slight_smile:

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Hi @zendude

how did you manage it :open_mouth:

Hi @floflo

Epichrome 2.4.11 creates only one application in /Applications/Epichrome. Should I try to install the previous version?

Hm, I stopped using it (the dev says they won’t update it anymore).

I would Try the current version, and check if the bundle is is correct.