Dynamic shortcuts / aliases for different Chrome windows


Let’s say I have several Chrome windows open in Mac, each with several tabs in it.

I’d like to easily (dynamically) assign a shortcut (with a number or short alias) to any of them when they are in focus, so that I can later easily bring them to focus by using that shortcut

For example, say I have three Chrome windows

  • <Window 1>: Has tabs open like Gmail, calendar, maps (i.e. personal topic)
  • <Window 2>: Has several tabs related to some topic
  • <Window 3>: Has several tabs related to another topic

I’d love to be able to easily give them aliases like 1, 2 and 3 to each of them, so that I can later do something like Command + 1 (or similar shortcut) to bring up the Chrome Window 1, etc.

Is this doable with Hookmark? Sorry I’m a total newbie to it, but was told that Hookmark may be able to support this :slightly_smiling_face:

Ideally of course, I don’t need to just use numbers, and I could use just a short alias and do this on any window.

E.g. ch1 for Chrome Window 1, ch2 for Chrome Window 2, vsc for the Window running Visual Code, etc.