Dynamic Hook icon change to reflect whether a DEVONthink item is hooked to something [Request for hooked DEVONthink-items to have a different icon]

Hi Luc,

Just wanted to add the following to my Hook wishlist. I recently completed a writing project wherein I used several links to a number of documents. I stored the entire project as well as any associated documents in DTP3. Hook really facilitated the writing and outlining. I was scrolling down the documents in DT, when I thought it would be nice if when you select a document that has Hook links, the Hook icon would darken or change to a different color.

I don’t know if this is technically possible or feasible. Such a capability would be a real plus, in that one would know instantly, which document(s) to select for helpful and associated links.

If Hook already has this capability, please disregard my message/request.

@kinsella and I have exchanged in other channels regarding this.

For others, I will note that Hook has an API that could in principle be called dynamically from DEVONthink to detect whether the selected item has links. I suppose a DT label or tag could dynamically be applied. ( we could supply an alternative icon to designate the hooked state (perhaps Hook’s menu bar icon would do). ) I’ve asked someone here who uses DEVONthink more extensively whether such dynamic checks are feasible on the DT side. If nothing comes of that, we could ask a question on the DEVONthink forum. They would know best.

Is this possible in other apps like Mail, Finder, or Path Finder? I would love to have a visible identifier of which items have Hook links.

There’s Trickster: Trickster App by Apparent Software Now Shows You Which Files Have Hooks: Click Its New Hook Icon to Invoke Hook, or Use a Shortcut – Hook

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Unfortunately, Trickster does NOT work on a list of DevonThink files/documents.

John Kinsellagh

Sorry,I thought in your previous post you were asking for support in Finder rather than like Finder. Trickster only currently works in Finder.

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FYI, for Hook 2.0 we’re experimenting with turning Auto-hide off for Hook window, i.e., providing users with the option for Hook window to always be on. It would partly address your request for DEVONthink, I think. (It’s something that others had asked for on the forum a while back.)


FWIW, that would address one of my biggest issues with hook — I often forget that it exists and working with ephemeral windows can be cumbersome. So yay for exploring this!


It would indeed make Hook a thing of beauty

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It would be already beneficial if a tag (e.g. “Hook”) exist for DEVONthink items that have Hook links. An AppleScript could be run periodically, deleting all old “Hook” tags and (re-)adding this tag for those documents that are currently linked in Hook’s link database.

Is there such a script available?

We’ll share one soon.

We’ve published a draft script that applies and syncs a “Hook” tag to DEVONthink items. This is our first cut at the script, so feedback will be appreciated. (The script is for use outside Hook, not in Hook’s Script editor.)

Big caveat the script uses Hook 2.0’s AppleScript dictionary. We’ve published the dictionary, but Hook 2.0 is not yet released. So this is only for analytical/discussion purposes at the moment.

If anyone who wants to use this is not a DEVONthink automator but has DEVONthink automators in their network, they may wish to ask them to comment on this. It might also be suitable for discussion on the DEVONthink forum or related forum.

(We’ve also internally prototyped a couple of ways for Hook to dynamically reflect [ in menu bar icon and menu bar window] whether the currently selected item is hooked to anything).

That’s good news, although personally, I would find it useful to keep all existing Hook tags for future reference.

the script can be modified not to remove tags.

I second this, it would be great to have Hook remain open and floating somehow!

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Think that this is a great idea.



Just installed the DevonThink AppleScript to DT’s menu bar scripts folder.

Works as advertised!

The tagging capability is a huge plus for me. Nicely done.

Happy Holidays!!

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