Dynalist Integration?

Would it be possible to create links between Dynalist and Hook? I know Dynalist can create a unique URL for each node - but not sure if it’s feasible for these to be tied to Hook?


Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @Drewster, and thanks for asking.
We’ve received another request for this one and have added it to our list of apps to look at.

Perhaps someone on the forum has already dug into it to see if it’s got an API for linking.

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Sorry for the very long delay, @Drewster. This resurfaced in a PM to us. A dev here wrote to me saying c. :

Though Dynalist has very nice deep links, there is no easy way for software to get that link as far as I can tell.

The workaround is that the user can copy the link and use Hook to Copied Link.

You can thereafter copy the link and use Focus on Link in Clipboard – Hook to see what is hooked to it.

Above is a general work around for all apps with a UI for linking that is not exposed via automation ( AppleScript, x-callback-url, etc.).

Perhaps Dynalist has some automation other that AppleScript ?

Our dev also noted apparently Dynalist latest’s Mac version has not been updated in 2019 with the focus being Obsidian. Is that correct?

I wouldn’t say Dynalist is abandonware, but the two developers who created it are now almost entirely focused on their current product, Obsidian. I don’t have the link at hand, but they have said that if they were building Dynalist now it would not be the product that it is. (One would wonder, with Obsidian’s success, if they would build Dynalist now at all.) I was a Dynalist subscriber for years, but have recently decided to let it go because it seems unlikely to have a future.

But, there is an minimal API.

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Thanks for the reply @LucB and no problem with the delay.

I hold no negative feelings towards the Dynalist team, and I wish them every success with their apps - and obviously Obsidian is where the action is.

I have since decided that Dynalist isn’t quite right by me, and have switched over to Craft. I have canceled my Dynalist Pro subscription.

Now all I need is for Craft to offer “proper” outlining. :slight_smile: