Do you want to link Fantastical data?

Fantastical can be linked via UI scripting using Hook’s scripts. if you want to link Fantastical data programmatically, then this Twitter thread is relevant to you… You might want to simply “like” the relevant tweet.

FYI There’s a signup email address for the upcoming manifesto on linking on . Several prominent devs of linkable apps that users on this forum love have signed up :blush:. You’ll see their names on the manifesto when it is published.

A preamble to the manifesto will be published in The Future of Text book which will be launched later this month.


Anyone know how to sign up for the Fantastical beta?

Got the answer:

From the Fantastical Preferences window, go to Update, hold down the Option key and tick the “Check for Beta Updates” checkbox that appears.
After that, “Check for Update…” should find the newest beta.