Do any developers here use MindManager?

We’ve heard some good things about MindManager for Mac - Mind Mapping Software. Several joint users have (outside the forum) asked us for support . Although we are not MindManager users ourselves, we had a look last summer . A developer of ours mailed me at the time saying

The problem now is that I can’t figure out the correct url that can open the selected topic.

From the above web page, I know they have something like:
D:\Users\Username\My Maps\Testmap.mmap#xpointer(/descendant-or-self::ap:Topic[@OId=‘GfrWhamKDUiRCQPkaFSg1Q==’])


But it seems that this url only works within MindManager document, I can’t open it outside of MindManager.

Could you please ask MindManager is there a way to open a selected topic from Hook by a url? They might have some document somewhere, but it is not obvious. I have done quite a bit search. I think it can save us some time by asking their support.

So we got in touch with the developer last year [ Corel Corporation]. But no response.

So: does any developer here know about MindManager’s API and URL format?

There’s also this tweet today Damir Majer on Twitter: “@MindManagerDE would be awesome that you support the integration of @HookProductvT :+1:” / Twitter. Don’t know if “MindManagerDE” is same.

As Harry Tuttle said in Brazil “We’re all in it together.” - Short Clip from Brazil - YouTube.

Thanks :blush:.