Devonthink: ?reveal=1

When copying and pasting a link from Devonthik using Command-C it looks like this:


Copying either directly or by activating Hook.

Placing this link in The Brain or anywhere and activating it will open a ‘new DT window’ and show the link source content.

If instead the link is copied like this:


Including the ?reveal=1 at the end of the link, then when activated the link source is shown in the ‘existing open window’, without opening a ‘new DT3 window’.

In DT I obtained an Apple Script and turned it into a button in my bar. (Have a separate button for documents and for groups). So (when I remember) I use the button and not CTL-C.

Question, how can I get Hook to append that instruction to the link source information that it copies when copying either a folder or a page in DT3? Would like to freely hook folders and documents from DT3 but not have new windows open every time that I select a DT3 source.

Here’s the page on editing Hook scripts. Let me know if you get stuck.

Thank you @stevelw

Found this jewel this morning @ DevonThink Forum:

“This script appends ?reveal=1 to all clipboard occurrences of an manually copied item link.”