Devonthink: Possible to Hook to New.... GROUP?


I’m trying to hook a new Omnifocus task/project to a new DevonThink Group in a database, without so may clicks.

Is there anyway to do this native in Hookmark? If not, I’ll start looking at Keyboard Maestro or indexing DT in the finder, which may be a solution.



Thank you for contacting us, @talundbl .

Current Devonthink3’s Hook to New Script is to create a RTF record. You can modify it to create a group instead.

Here is a script you can used to replace the current New Item Script of Devonthink3 (Hookmark preferences window ->Scripts->Devonthink3->New Item):

tell application id "DNtp"
    set newItem to create record with {name:"$title",  type:group}
    set refURL to reference URL of newItem
    set itemPath to path of newItem
end tell
open location refURL
get refURL

Thank you