Demise of iThoughtsX

It seems that iThoughtsX has been discontinued, which is a great shame as it was, to the best of my knowledge, the only mind mapping application that supported deep linking, i.e links to/from nodes in a map rather than the map file as a whole.

Does anyone know of any alternatives that support deep linking? I’ve tried MindNode, which in some respects was a nicer application to use, but it didn’t.

You might be interested in this one.

Seconded, given that Hookmark doesn’t work with Xmind.

MindManager is best on Windows (via Parallels), but the MacOS version is gradually catching up. It’s an option if you’re okay only having a viewer on iOS devices - no mobile editing.

Thanks, I’ll give it a look.

Adding that Mindmeister is a capable mind map solution but web only on OS X (but with mobile versions). A solution for OS X here would be connected to the general feature request in " Highlight text on webpage hook". This would then likely? involved UI scripting which is something that Hookmark tries to avoid.