Deleted bookmarks come back

I’m just pointing out a very strange (and disturbing) phenomenon. I have deleted a number of bookmarks with Hook’s delete function several times. After a while, however, these bookmarks just come back. This makes me question the integrity of the underlying database. How is this possible?

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shouldn’t happen of course. But to narrow the problem: are you also using Hook’s sync? What form of sync? With what devices? Are you seeing this with all types of bookmarks (files, web pages, etc.)?

Hi Luc, I am using Hook’s sync via iCloud but so far only on one device (my MBP). As far as I can see it happens only with Mail messages.

Here they are again…I made a screen recording of the whole process (deleting and then how the erased items reappear). I can get that to you if you want.

Yes, please send the video to

Thank you very much!

Done (via WeTransfer).

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Hi, I’ve just installed version 3.6. The previously erased bookmarks are now back… So it appears to be a fairly persistent problem.

Thanks for the reports. Hook 3.7 will fix this issue.

It would also be very useful if the user could delete several files at the same time. Now you have to delete file by file and each time the application window closes after every action. Very time consuming.


Dear Luc, not only can I not delete certain files (they just keep reappearing) but unpin doesn’t work either! Those e-mail messages reappear now also in the list of pinned bookmarks! Particularly annoying!

Thanks for the update, @koen. The fix for re-appearing bookmark issue is only available internally. We have not released Hook 3.7 yet. We expect a short release cycle for Hook 3.7. (For beta users: there is a fix for it in the iOS/iPadOS beta, but again the Hook side is only in Hook 3.7)

Thanks. Looking forward to 3.7!

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Luc -

In addition to reappearing bookmarks, I am also unable to delete bookmarks for certain apps (ex: devonthink, safari, spark). Will this be addressed in 3.7 as well?

I also agree that right now the user experience for deleting multiple bookmarks on macOS is very tedious. Will a future update add an option to delete multiple bookmarks at once or at least keep the window from closing?

Thanks for all of the hard work of your team on this! Looking forward to the future :grinning:

I’ll need to check whether one of us here was able to replicate this. I don’t recall being able to.

The delete link feature does seem to popular so we will improve it. We’re looking at creating an optionally floating bookmarks window that is separate from the contextual window. It will contain a global search feature, pinned items, recent items, and some more functions. Those will move out of the contextual window. We had taken steps towards a foreground version of this but now moving towards the background window.

Thanks for all of the hard work of your team on this! Looking forward to the future :grinning:

and thank you!

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I would also welcome a better way to “clean up” old and redundant items. I guess I am one of those who is not very stable in his methods, and I am constantly trying out new apps, moving files around, and deleting them. You could say I am indecisive … In short, I probably have almost as many links that are obsolete as ones that actually work. A way to identify dead links and get rid of them would seem like a useful feature – unless you are properly organised, and not as chaotic as I am.