Default Behavior Changed?

since the last update the default behavior seems to have changed, if I invoke Hook the search bar comes up, but not the context window. As this behavior is unfortunately tied to several interactions with Keyboard Maestro and Alfred, I reverted to the previous version. It’ll take too long to change.

In my case, the easiest way to fix that is to allow us to set our own keyboard shortcuts within Hook.

Thanks, Hans

Thanks for writing, @HansTammen. The final, non-beta, release of Hook 3.3 has the default as 3.2 and before, unless you installed one of the betas that had a different default.

Using an advanced Terminal preference, Hook 3.3 can stay in the background with

defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook 1


  • Using an advanced Terminal preference (defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook 0), the Hook app can now be brought entirely in the foreground. In foreground mode, Hook shows up in the app switcher, Force Quit window, and Dock.

See also Hook 3.3 Release Notes – Hook.

Hi Luc,

thanks for responding! I reinstalled “Hook Version 3.3 (4542; Integration v. 183)”, which came up in the “updates” dialog. Not sure if that’s one of the betas?

The default is “background mode”, but I switched between both modes a few times (always restarting Hook), but if I invoke Hook, the search window pops up in any case.

[Mac OS 11.5.1 Bid Sur]

Sorry fo the trouble.

Could you please be more specific how you invoke Hook?

Do you mean If you invoke Hook from menubar icon or using shortcut such as (ctrl+H), you still got Hook window in search mode?

Hi all,

I just invoke it by calling the Hook app itself, through keyboard shortcuts in Alfred and Keyboard Maestro. Same as double-clicking on the app, in all cases the search window comes up instead of the context window. Thanks!

Thanks for all the info. We’ll issue a 3.3.1 update to address this.

We’ve published Hook 3.3.1 Public Beta – Hook. Could you please let us know whether it addresses the issue for you?

Hi Luc,

yes it does! In background mode the context window shows up, in foreground mode the search bar. Thanks!

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Super. We’re adding a feature and another fix to it, and we hope to release Hook 3.3.1 today.

we have withdrawn public beta 3.3.1 because it may have an issue, which we are investigating.