Default App for Hook Links

The new deep linking for PDFPenPro is very helfpul. However it appears that for the link to work I need to set my default PDF application to PDFPenPro.

Is it possible for me to keep some other PDF Reader as the default but have Hook bypass that and open using PDFPen Pro when I choose to open a PDF using a Hook link? For example if we changed the script to create links as pdfpenpro:// would those links then. open in PDFPenPro regardless of the system default PDF reader?

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Have you found a solution to this?

The solution is to change the default app to open the file with, using Finder > Get Info. in principle it should be possible to manipulate this with xattr but as xattr:, sets a custom app to open a file – The Eclectic Light Company points out

Although the app path and identifier are easily read, the extensive binary content is undocumented and obscure. Normally set through the Finder’s Get Info dialog.

I don’t know of a Finder AppleScript or Shortcut to change this.

Hookmark itself does not enable user to select a specific app to launch particular URLs with. We’ve looked into it from well before Hookmark (Hook ) was launched publicly, but it never made the cut.