Deep links in Tana

I would like to create deep linking for Tana if that is possible.

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Welcome to Hookmark forum, @johnlepore .

Do you mean deep linking for Tana Desktop app? We just updated the script server with the support for Tana Desktop, version 322. Please update your local Hookmark script. Also for this to work, you need set the shortcut for command "Copy Link(HTML formatted) to control+command+c.
Here is how to set custom shortcut in Tana:

Thank you


Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , johnlepore. We encourage Tana users to contact Tana and request that they provide an API ( AppleScript or anything) for linking. This is to conform with

it would make linking Tana info more robust and flexible.

Thanks for the response, LucB. Already Done. I messaged in the Tana Slack Channel

bchend! Thank you!!! I am thrilled! I just posted on Tana’s Community Slack asking for this (as per LucB). Then I saw this. I am super excited!!
(going to post on their Slack now that it is available)