Deep Linking PDF - Multiple Deep Links in a Single PDF

Is it possible to create multiple PDF Deep Links within a single PDF file that can then be referenced in another document (note etc.)? Essentially, I’m trying to creat an external “bookmark” to various specific sections/pages of a PDF.

I am trying to create a separate written summary and analysis of a contract (the underlying PDF) with rich deep links to the various reference points throughout the PDF of the contract.

I’m not having trouble doing this with a single deep link within a single PDF but cannot seem to get this usage to work properly. Thanks!

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @aelliott1285 . and thanks for asking.

Yes. that’s a major reason why we provided that feature.

There are two things you can do with them:

  1. paste them in another document.
  2. hook them” to some note document.

For point #2, on the note document side, you will only see one hook. Is that what you are asking about ? The reason you only see one is to make the UI simpler. Otherwise, we would need to aggregate them all somehow. That is something we intend to support, after we do some other features that will call for ‘refactoring’ Hookmark’s contextual window.

So on a note or document with a list of deep links (to different pages within a single PDF for example) would it then be best practice to manually rename the deep link to something indicative of whatever is specifically being “deep linked” to?

For example: “Example Document - Section 1”; “Example Document - Section 5”; etc.