Deep linking in epubs?

While I use lots of PDFs for my research, I increasingly find myself reading Epubs, especially for leisure reading. Still, there are certain reflections in novels that may inform my intellectual work – and I wouldn’t like to miss the opportunity to link such passages to my writing. Is it possible to have the same level of deep linking that we now have in Skim (and other apps) in Epub readers, such as Apple Books or BookReader?



EPUB readers on macOS are really limited and there aren’t a lot of automation compatible options right now unfortunately. You best bet is Calibre, it’s quite extensible and there is some integration with Hook though I think you’d have to build it out for deep linking.

I hate Calibre’s UI/UX however and rather than try to build out what I wanted I’m just going to wait and see what Readwise’s Reader ends up doing with EPUB.

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