Daylite, Billings Pro by Marketcircle- script

Just wondering if anyone that uses Daylite or Billings Pro has developed scripts for them. I was very pleasantly surprised to see a script offered for PDF Expert by stevelw that works great while waiting to see if/when Readdle develops there own script- thanks.

It should be possible for you or someone else to create an integration using FScript in AppleScript.

I’m not willing to touch an app that complex that I’m not familiar with though. :slight_smile:

Have a go yourself (with backups!) or put in a feature request for an official integration — or maybe another forum member is using the apps, but it is rather quiet on here during Beta.

Thanks- I did put in a request and it’s on the list, but obviously won’t get to it for a bit… probably beyond my expertise, but you never know who else might be interested- really appreciate your input on PDF Expert!