David Sparks & Brett Terpstra Discussed Hook, Great Linkable Apps and Other Fine Products on MPU

David Sparks (@MacSparky - Twitter handle) and Stephen Hackett (@ismh - Twitter handle) interviewed master Mac coder, Brett Terpstra (@ttscoff). They discussed some fine linkable apps, and Hook itself.

Check out Mac Power Users #549: Brett Terpstra’s New Robe - Relay FM.

I’ve also written a response to the podcast on Hook’s blog. It lists the apps mentioned in that episode that are known to us to be linkable. I’d like to draw your attention to this part of that post:

David Sparks, Stephen Hackett and Brett Terpstra also discussed some other very interesting apps that we ourselves had not yet checked out (but have now read about) such as:

I haven’t tried those apps yet, but do intend to try some. If you have tried Hook with these apps, please let the Hook community know about your experience.


That blog post also has a section on David Spark’s interest in context, which fits very well with Hook because Hook’s main purpose is to help you instantly retrieve relevant information so you can stay in context. I’ll blog more about that over at CogZest. There, I will present some accessible and yet mind-stretching concepts, from cognitive science, to help readers better understand themselves and their work. I will also discuss how Hook and related software can help one stay in the zone.