David Sparks and Daniel Gorin join the CogSci Apps Corp. board of advisors

We are delighted to announce that David Sparks (@MacSparky) & Daniel Gorin have joined CogSci Apps’ board of advisors! :tada:

Hook is an app that links your digital life on macOS (and coming to iPad and iPhone next month). This requires a broad and deep understanding of the macOS, iPad and iPhone software ecosystem, productivity, information management and more. It also delightfully involves forming connections with developers of a very large number of apps linkable apps and their communities. We are honored to benefit from David and Daniel’s broad and deep expertise.

Read about this on the CogSci Apps blog or go directly to the CogSci Apps Board of Advisors page. And please feel free to show your appreciation to David on twitter: @MacSparky.

Here’s a re-tweetable tweet: CogSci Apps® on Twitter: “:tada: Announcing @MacSparky and Daniel Gorin joining the CogSci Apps Board of Advisors, focused on Hook productivity@HookProductvT !!” / Twitter

Thank you everyone for being part of the Hook productivity community !

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