Customize markdown link?

Is there a way to customize the markdown link? The typical syntax is:


and I’d like to generate a dokuwiki link:


While it’s not hard to do by hand, it’s 5 seconds I’d like to save.


I’m curious where you use this syntax - other than Wikipedia. But I would think a Keyboard Maestro macro or TextExpander substitution could help here, perhaps giving you a choice of output formats. Just a thought.

I use dokuwiki as a personal KB and like the two way linking, but also like seeing the links in my notes. Thanks for the idea!

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Update: I obtained keyboard maestro and created a script to convert a markdown link to dokuwiki link using the regexp search tool. It didn’t take too long. I really like KM. Thanks for the idea @MartinPacker!

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This is of course your first step into sinking sand… :slight_smile:

Seriously, glad you like KM. With something called a Conflict Palette (and a second macro) you could easily make a menu for the 2 kinds of link.

Oh, I definitely see the sand. I am saving KM for what is worth the bother.

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