Custom Dashboard using Hook in OmniOutliner

I’m posting this because I thought it might be useful to someone.

I routinely have a number of projects I’m working on, and during the day I find myself switching among various apps for each project.

I may open the Finder to look at a project’s folder, or consult the draft document I’ve been working on in OmniOutliner … or I might open up DevonThink where I keep that project’s research, or back to OmniOutliner where I process culls from the research … or even Apple Notes, where I keep a kind of daily log. It’s a lot of back and forth among apps, and then navigating inside each app to get to the right place, or Smart Group, or file, or database.

So I created a Dashboard in an OmniOutliner document.

Under each project are links I’ve created in Hook to the specific files. One click gets me where I want to go. I keep the Dashboard open on the side of my desktop, and it’s made it a LOT easier to navigate among all the different aspects of the projects I need to juggle throughout the day.

The coolest Hook trick was getting Apple Notes to open showing only those items that have a specific project-related tag. I created a Keyboard Maestro macro that would open Notes and then filter for the tag. I saved that macro as a Trigger File, and then used Hook to link the trigger file to the dashboard.

I was particularly grateful to be able to rename all the links so that I wasn’t stuck with long filenames.

Hook is one great app, and I’m finding it to be endlessly useful and increasingly indispensable.


Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @Prob, and thanks for sharing that awesome way of organizing your work with Hook across all those apps.

And thank you for a terrific app. I’m finding new uses for it all the time.

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