Curio Deep Linking

Hi - Can you clarify how the deep linking works with Curio 14?

If I set up a List or any other item within curio and then open Hook, the active context item refers to the overall project. How do I link to the list or other specific item inside the Curi project?

Thanks for asking @rkaplan. there’s an alternative set of scripts, described here: Using Hook with Curio – Hook.

To get a deep link you’ll want to first use Curio to copy a deep link (they have a command for that). You can then Hook it to anything.

It might help for Hook’s integration to also do a conditional move, such that Copy Link in Curio returns a deep link iff there is a selection in the PDF.

OK that explains it - I misunderstood. I thought the integration already did that. I will probably use Keyboard Maestro or Keysmith to automate that set of steps when I invoke Hook while Curio is the front window.

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OK I tried the alternate script - that works much nicer. Exactly what I was looking for - thanks.

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