Cross-platform Windows support?

Hi there,

Searched for this and didn’t find a clear answer. Are there any plans to bring Hookmark to Windows (and Linux) as well? I know about the plans to bring Hookmark apps to iOS / iPadOS.

My context is, I heavily use Hookmark for scientific research. But not everyone in the research group uses macOS. My dream is to have something like a cross-platform macOS Finder Alias file (Alias (Mac OS) - Wikipedia), that allows for robust file linking from both the CLI and GUI, regardless if people are using macOS, Linux, or Windows. But best I can tell such an OS level solution doesn’t exist. Closest thing is symlinks, which are brittle.

A true cross-platform way to share files at the application level, would be a .URL Internet Shortcut file (An Unofficial Guide to the URL File Format) , that are encoding Hookmark hook:// links. (That to my understanding, are more robust / akin to finder Aliases)