Creating Hooks To Files With Applescript (Or Some Other Scripting Language)

(I did a search before I wrote this.)

When I set up a new client project I create folders and stub documents and make files using Keyboard Maestro.

I’d like to create a dashboard for the project. (Probably a HTML page served by my localhost web server (built in Apache / PHP).)

This dashboard would have links to all the parts. These parts are in disjoint parts of the file system.

How do I create a hook to a named file? I would think Applescript but I’ve not seen how when searching here. It could be eg Python, though.

When you rename the hook file it will create a local file in your Documents/Hook/Hook Files directory. I don’t think it would scale to do ing this all the time but if you wanted to access the documents. It should be possible.

Thanks, but I don’t want Hook to create a file, so much as link to it. (Particularly as I already have code that creates and fills in the files.)

Sorry for the long delay, this fell under the radar (during busy dec I guess). Yes AppleScript would be the way to go. We will be doing another round of enhancements to automation post the upcoming major release of Hook.

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