Creating hooks for top level URL visible when on sub pages

I work with a website, where the there is a base URL, but then for individual activities it will generate unique ids relative to a specific job or session. I don’t need to hook to these individual links, but I want to be able to access a set of other hooks which I hook to the base URL, rather than having to hook to each unique URL. Is there a way to do that?

I’m not sure how clear I’m describing this. Assume main site with sub-urls,, etc. I don’t need hooks to sub-urls but if I’m on any sub-url I want to be able to see the hooks associated with the main URL. Basically wildcarding on the URL to do a longest prefix match.

Sorry if this isn’t clear.


You could override the default Get Address script for your browser, assuming you don’t need to hook to any specific pages? Just check the domain and if it’s that specific one remove the rest of the URL.

Does that do what you want?

In general I want it to work normally, it’s only on specific cases I would want this behavior, so I was thinking I would be more appropriate for the Hook database side to have a way to annotate a hook that matches a root set of URL, rather than forcing some custom check on every URL to decide if it gets special treatment.

The proxy for this is networking routing, where you can generate matches based on a subset of the overall IP address, I was thinking it would be nice if we could do that on selected URL. Something like storing* to indicate it will match the longer url.

Sorry for the delay in responding. Within a few months you will be able to see items that are “bookmarked nearby”, in Finder and on websites.

Very interested, let me know when it’s there, and I’ll be happy to test and provide feedback. I have been finding more cases where I want to hook to reference guides, FAQ, etc on a base site, but will commonly be looking for them when I’m on a specific deeper URL. I know I can search. Also is there anyway to change the URL it’s linked to, or do I need to navigate to the top level URL before linking?

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Thanks @naven87 , much appreciated.

You could do:

  1. Hookmark > Copy Link
  2. Hookmark > ⌘F
  3. paste the URL in the search field
  4. put part of the URL in double quotes, like this ""

If you know you’ve bookmarked something here: somewhere, then you could search for You could even search for hookp help (no quotes) since hookp* will probably only match links to this website.

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