Create hook to just open an app that otherwise has no x-callback support

Hi there, very new and trying to get my head around the possibilities.

I have a few apps that have absolutely no x-callback support - is there a way to create a hook to just the app itself, so when I paste that link into a notes app, clicking it just opens the app? Not as good as the app opening to the exact thing I’m interested in but still useful…

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @edmooredop. And thanks for asking. We developed that feature in house a few years ago but haven’t released it. We decided to do it in a more general way. We will publish a new version of it this year.

For now you can use Hook’s pinned feature. In Hook 3.5, this feature will be updated “under the hood”.

To use this with multiple apps, a trick is this:

  1. create an “app proxy folder” ,with one file per such app. Then
  2. pin that folder

when you want to hook something to an app, just hook it to the proxy. When you want to retrieve it,

  1. invoke hook
  2. navigate to the proxy file

The same principle can be used for projects (creating a projects folder) and having one project proxy (or “hub”) file for every current project. Also useful to emulate tags.

Hook-linking (two-ways links) is very general, so it can go a long way.

But the app-linking feature will be much more direct.

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By the way, if the app has sufficient AppleScript or a CLI, that would work too. Hook is not fussy, it can integrate with anything that has minimal linking automation.