Create Folder in Finder from Omnifocus Project


I feel like this should be possible, so maybe I am missing something. Or maybe not.

I’m trying to “create new folder” from within Hook that is Linked to an omnifocus project (that is currently selected in omnifocus).

I know I can go create it, then link. But is there any way to create a new “hooked” finder folder straight from omnifocus (or devonthink, etc.)? Given the functionality of the app, maybe this is too much to ask given that the location of the folder in the finder has to somehow be specified. May be an applescript not a Hook responsibility.

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @talundbl, and thanks for asking. This was requested a while back and unfortunately we haven’t gotten to it yet. But we really should.

It would be natural to be able to add folders in custom templates. In fact, it’s something I need. In my Cognitive Productivity books and screencasts, such as How to Turn a TaskPaper File into a Project Information Hub – Hook, I discussed the usefulness of having template folders for creative projects.

We’ll try for Hook 2.3 or thereabouts.

Hi @LucB ,

Thanks for responding to my note. I reviewed your video and did a quick skim of your book. I had thought that Hook was merely a way to make links between apps when a url scheme is not available. But I now see that it is so much more than that. Very interesting but also a bit overwhelming. It looks like the ability to create project dashboards that can nest subprojects and reference items within a network of links is where the real value is.

Although I worry that the convenience of linking on the front end will create a messy file structure on the backend.

I’m a user of Omnifocus, and I’ve really always struggled with project scale. But I imagine Hook could help by connecting projects together, or by changing what I put in omnifocus and what I keep in a networked project note.

Anyway, from a fellow Canadian, great job with this and I look forward to some more tutorials that show how your app and cognitive productivity go hand in hand.

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