Create a link and open a file using non-default app

Preview is a default pdf viewer.

What I did and happened:
Create a link of a pdf file using Skim to a tex file in Lyx. If I click on a link to the pdf file from the tex file of Lyx, it is opened in Preview rather than Skim.

What I want:
I want the pdf file to be opened in Skim, keeping Preview as a default viewer. How can I achieve this?

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @Bearsden

Hook uses the system default ‘open with’. However you can change it on a case by case basis by selecting the target file , Get Info, and changing “open with”. See:


It would be great if there is an option of “open with”. Thanks, in any case. Hook solved the problem which annoyed me for years.

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Thanks for bringing it up. We’ve discussed this internally on and off over the years.

controlling this on a link-by-link basis would be tedious. But we could I suppose provide a Preference to override the default setting per file extension for hook://file URLs, e.g., for all .PDF files to open with a specified app. I don’t know what % of Hook users would want it. But when we start doing surveys we could ask. Needs to be weighed against complexity of the UI and configuration (even for hidden preferences) and risk of bugs-- e.g., what if the preferred app goes away.