Copying all links associated with some files to another app?

First of all thanks for Hook, I’ve been really enjoying it/bought it after using it for 20 minutes.

My use case is largely related to note taking with Obsidian which I use for a lot of my notes, linking various markdown files to resources as appropriate. This works great.

However, depending on mood and/or if I’m just really missing vim, I load MacVim and use it to edit the same files in much the same way. What I would like is for my hooks, in Obsidian -> to my notes, to be available, in MacVim -> to the same notes.

Is there a trivial way to do this on my end? I’ve not investigated with any depth how this app works so I’m hoping there’s a way to copy some links en masse and just rename the app at one end. Does the question make sense? Is this feasible?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @EdMcPhail, and thanks for asking.

We will soon release an alternative set of integration scripts for Obsidian that returns hook://file// links rather than obsidian:// URLs, so that one can use them with different Mac apps. They’re also more robust. This is alluded to here: Using Hook with Obsidian – Hook.