Copy Selection and Link not working in Bookends?

Hello -
From the forums it seems that this (amazing) feature only works in some apps with compatible API. I thought Bookends was in that category, but when I try to select text or a previous highlight on a pdf in Bookends, Copy Selection and Link is greyed out. It works in Highlights app.

I asked Jon at Bookends if a native option would be possible (since I really like how their Export Annotations now has a “block” of highlight followed by deeplink at the end of the phrase/paragraph which plays very well with block-based Notes/PKM apps), but they also suggested I check here to see if there might be a Hookmark fix.

I am using the latest versions of apps and MacOS.

Related, I wonder if the current output of selection followed but the deeplink on a new line is optimal. I, at least, usually want the selection and link together in a block/paragraph so that they travel together in block-based editing. Even if not, I usually would put the link in parens at the end of the quote rather than on a new line. I’m sure folks will have various preferences there …


Thank you for reporting this issue, we will have a look.

I does work Joolian. At least for me, but after you select the text in bookends, you must dismiss the menu that bookends generates by clicking outside that box. You should then be able to invoke hook and see the option is now not greyed out.

Thanks, that tip works for me as well! Still curious about the possibility to choose to display the deeplink as “(Link)” at the end of the same paragraph/block as the selection. That would be my individual preference but I would defer to the devs and other users …

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