Copy Selection and Link in Safari

The new deep-linking Copy Selection and Link is great! I wanted to use it in Safari and found that the “^Q” shortcut is grayed out and indeed Safari is not listed among the compatible apps. But I don’t understand that because you do offer that functionality via Safari’s share feature. So, could you please enable the new way for Safari as well?

Welcome to HookProductivity forum, @fintelkai.

Copy selection is not supported by Safari’s AppleScript dictionary. That’s why it is not enabled in Hookmark.

We try to avoid UI scripting to get the selection. But we can have another look.

Thank you

Ah, but the thing is that it does work via the Hookmark item in the share sheet in Safari:

So, I guess I don’t get why this doesn’t extend to the new method, which would be less cumbersome for users.

This is Safari Extension. It is different.